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About Us

Female Friends Z was developed to help us females find what we really need and want from our cities, our entertainment our men and ourselves.We arrange the events, gather the friends and provide the discounts that help drive us females into a frenzy !

Why should we have to ask the same questions over and over ?

  • “What if I’m tired of bars and want other activities ?”
  • “Where do I go to meet new friends ?” 
  • “Where is the newest hot spot in my area"
  • “What products will really help make me look my best & feel great ?”

So Female Friends Z was developed to provide these answers for discerning females like you. We provide: continuously updated information, fun events and highly desired product discounts. Through our HOME PAGE, BLOG and FEATURES, we aim to give today’s busy woman a hub of information and activities for all of her social, health and entertainment needs. Female Friends Z provides information and activities on:

  • Newest Hot Spots
  • Latest Crazes
  • Meeting Place


  •  Social Events
  • Featured Products
  • Member Discounts
  • Hot Offers

eventsNeed to fill up your social calendar...

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promotionsGet exclusive discounts on featured products ...

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Critics Corner

criticsWeigh in on new products and establishments...(Read More)

Things That Make You Go

hmmmWant to be more aware or in the know?...(Read More)


entIf you are bored , we have the remedy...(Read More)

Every week Female Friends Z will focus on key Features from the categories listed above, and guess what? You will get to vote on your preferred topics.

That means that you will have an on-going voice in deciding the content published, the activities developed and the products discounted.

So check out our features (listed above) and find yourself a home online, a hub for chatting and an information source with all the latest we want to know.

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